My mini-profile reads, “seminarian, wife, follower of Jesus, southerner in New England; unfortunately sometimes in that order.” 

To break that down, my husband and I are finishing our last few classes at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. We look forward to serving the church more fully-equipped this summer! This has been a season of learning to rest, study, serve, and abide. I am so thankful for a class that helped me discover those activities in the context of who I have been made to be. And so, I can now say that I exist to glorify God by inviting discovery. I hope that’s exactly what this blog encourages.


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Megan!

    I’m an artist that was features in Dappled Things magazine. You commented on their website a while back asking if I sell prints. I just now saw the comment. I am not currently making prints, since I don’t have time. If you tell me what you want a print of, I can send you an image of the work and you can make your own prints if you’d like.

    I’m glad you like my work!

    Doug Weaver


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