Is everybody just playing house?

Did you play house as a kid? I did. When it was mostly the girls, we would typically be “mom,” “daughter,” and sometimes “grandma.” My friend this morning said that she always got the “dog” assignment. Poor thing. We’d set up the playroom with a kitchen, play for a while at making meals and dressing baby dolls then finish up the day putting everything back where it belonged and start all over again.

This is really me... ha!

This is really me… ha!

I’m reading Jennie Allen’s Anything because when Beth talked to me about reading this book, I could see in her eyes that something important was breaking through— something hard and worthy hitting the gut. And I want that. I want my thoughts to be important and worthy, don’t you?

In the first chapter I came across this phrase, “everybody was just playing house.

Assigning roles.
Cooking meals.
Laundry and clothes.
Errand running.
Keep it contained to the play space.
Pick it up when you’re done.
Come back and do it again.

I was sitting in the glider of my nursery as I read this. I’ll brag— I think it’s a Pinteresting room. And no surprise after months of pinning rooms, Mom making beautiful curtains and dust ruffles, Lauren refinishing a stunner of a server, and Kathryn crafting an award-worthy lamp shade to match. As I look around I ask, how can this baby coming be about more than “just playing house”?

Isn't it PInteresting?

Isn’t it PInteresting?

Because I think the risk is that 10 years from now as this Pinterest masterpiece becomes the next garage sale I might find that this whole season of early motherhood just kept contained to its play space. I could let this season not spill out into personal transformation, into how I view the picture of the Syrian baby on the Greek coast, into— I don’t know— stuff that matters and doesn’t end of on the curb with the trash on Tuesday morning.

How do you live like that??? How do you live with 2 cars and an exterminator coming to take care of the fleas for your cat and a baby on the way and chicken boiling on the stove and not keep life all neatly contained? I want my life to be abounding in hope in a way that spills out everywhere and can’t be picked up when I’m done and gone. I want it to have value that doesn’t expire and end up in a garage sale. Do you know what I mean?

I hope this post sounds like more than a suburban rant of discontent. It feels in my soul more like a manifesto.

God created life and Jesus entered into that life that we might “have life and life abundantly” (John 10:10). Who wants to pursue that with me?

Are you already pursuing this uncontained, eternal life? What is keeping you living out-of-bounds? How can I join you in it?


One thought on “Is everybody just playing house?

  1. This made me burst into tears. ME! I’m with you- you already know that right? I want to sign that manifesto. Thanks for putting words to this- they need to be whispered, shouted, reminded, introduced, suggested, every every day. The number one thing that I struggle with is the voice that says I’m not doing it the “right” way…the smart way, the way I “should” do it because of the way our country values people/things/achievements. I struggle EVERY day with giving up all these things that I KNOW are the true things, the things that matter- and going back to the 8-5 (6-10 or more really) grind that was sucking my soul because something deep in me says unless I’m doing that, something is wrong with me. Thanks for making me write this down. The funny thing is, no one has ever actually said this to me, so I don’t even know whose voice it is even as I know it’s not a voice I should listen to. Why is it so hard? How did we get here? Why aren’t we having these conversations more? Thank you for not being content with the status quo and for talking about that! Much love!!

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