Jesus My Friend

I experienced the most freedom in prayer since the move to Gig Harbor this past Sunday. The core of the church had gathered for a time of Jubilee prayer. That hour has been described as “messy.” For me it was just “living room style.” Is that messy? Nah– just informal. Comfortable. Family.

So it’s no surprise that in that kind of an environment– where a new church became family– I was able to speak more openly to God than I have since I arrived. Being led by Psalm 100, “Know that the LORD, he is God!” was read.
(Background: I had preached on I AM for 2 weeks in a row. I AM who I AM. The answer to your fear Moses? Who is it that will be with you? I AM. Just I AM. That’s all you need to know. I AM is everything. From Exodus 3:13-15)
“Call out the names of God,” was our instruction.
I said, “He is the light of the world!”
(I discovered that rather vividly in Florida in March last year.)
“He is provider.”
(Here we are with our dream job in our dream locale actually buying a house.)
“He is my friend.”
This one caught me off guard. As a verbal processor, sometimes I am only aware of what’s going on internally when it makes its way outside of me. And this was one of those instances. God is my friend? When did I discover that?
In the process, that’s when. Remove me from my home, my routine, and my normal outlets. Shut my mouth from processing out loud the hard stuff because, is a pastor allowed to process aloud? Then put me in a beautiful place to walk. Put me in a big enough house so that Larry and I can be separated by a door from time to time. Get me talking so much at work that I may not answer the phone every time it rings. And then…
Along the line, Jesus became my friend.
Today I invited Jesus to spend the day with me. Did I actually say those words? No. But I didn’t over-plan my day and I just knew and God knew that it was our day together. I read 1 Corinthians 14 before I got out of bed (tough reading!). I moseyed my way through the morning. I walked slowly along the Harbor, sometimes talking, sometimes not, with Larry. I heard from a friend of a powerful worship experience she’d had. Munched on M&M’s on the way out with Larry. Uneventfully but delightfully ate savory vegetable soup at Panera. Went to the library and was open to reading something different. Picked up a book on Afghan women in the Women’s History section. Almost finished the LA Crossword puzzle. Read. Felt God’s invitation to walk outside and saw this.
Rainbow over the Harbor
Was driven back in by the rain. Felt invited to go outside again and captured this.
 DSC_1206 - Version 2
Ate Mexican. Read through blogs and wrote this.
Anything extraordinary? No. And yet I was with my friend all day. Jesus is my friend. I am amazed. I AM is my friend.

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