A Prayer Covering

Advent Presbyterian Church in Memphis has a ministry that makes prayer shawls. I have been basking in the gift of this gorgeous prayer shawl for a little over a week now. It is providing for me a visual of the lessons in prayer God has been teaching me. I can’t quite consolidate them into paragraph form, so I’ll just bullet point a few for you:

1. God answers prayer.

Should be a no-brainer for a seminarian, I suppose, but it’s been fresh for me recently. A friend recommended the App called PrayerMate. It alerts me regularly to pray for specific people and situations I have input in different categories like missionaries, friends, family, unbelievers, etc. I have almost daily seen these prayers answered. Not that God wouldn’t have answered them without me, but I’ve been keenly aware of how God is alive and active in our world as I’ve been talking with him about my life. This leads me to…

2. I am so very thankful.

Several weeks ago I blogged about gratitude for Gordon-Conwell. I was eager to have a greater spirit of gratitude. I am giving testimony to God’s eagerness to answer that prayer (1). I am so thankful (2). For friends who answer desperate letters for presence and prayer. For the testimony of women who have gone before me in answering the call to the pastorate. For an encouraging mother. For gifted musicians who record praise music that I can blast…

3. I desire to pray more.

And so the cycle begins again. When was the last time you looked up with arms open wide or down with hands clasped in desperation and let God, your Creator, your Father, know how desperately you wanted to talk with him. Draw near to the throne room. You have an eager God. (Hebrews 4:16).

Thank you women of Advent. Thank you, Father, for your generosity to me.


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