A Piece from a Pod

For those of you who didn’t know me before 3 years ago, let me introduce you to my maiden name:

P as in Paul
D as in dog
T as in table
Z as in zebra
All Podawiltz’s spell it exactly this way.  I’m not sad to have left this one behind (sorry, Dad). Plenty of debatably clever things have come as a result of this name: most popular, my name,Poddy; most cheesy, my dad’s riddles– say it, “Podawiltz, like a Pod on Stilts.”  I have heard that more times than I can count.  Now my sister has taken up the torch with a brilliantly clever blog title: A Piece from a Pod.  She’s a very inspired and creative writer.  Her first piece is about which came first: the chicken or the egg, from which she concludes that the correct question is “the chicken or the eggs” and why chickens are dumb.  Enjoy.

One thought on “A Piece from a Pod

  1. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I must spell our last name like a Smith because I’ve heard Mom on the phone more than Dad.P as in PaulOD as in DavidAWILT as in ThomasZ as in zebra.I guess Mom is more Biblical haha thanks for the promo!


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