Yummy, Cheap Food!

This is going to sound like a marketing piece. I can’t help it.

I love Trader Joe’s.

Why do they not have places like this in Chattanooga?? Probably because they would put GreenLife out of business ($5 for a bag of rice??). I think my sister-in-law thought I was nuts, but we made a side trip home from Cincinnati to stop at Trader Joe’s. We were traveling and didn’t bring a cooler– like I do when we go to Nashville and raid Costco– so it was snacks and dried food only.

For $50 I picked up:
Organic, homemade spinach linguine
1 ever-so-delicious jar of organic, 4 cheese tomato sauce
1 bag dried tortellini
1 bag shelled pistachio nuts
1 bag dark chocolate covered pretzels
1 bag sweet potato chips (SO good!)
1 bag white popcorn
1 L water
6 bottles of wine.

What?! How did I do that? Their prices are ridiculous. $1.50 for that pasta, $2 for the sauce, etc. I couldn’t believe it. Here’s what their website says about their low prices:

“We buy direct from the producer whenever possible. We strip away all the fancy stuff and focus on the important things like natural ingredients and inspiring flavors. We run a pretty lean ship, too – you won’t find any corporate jets or fancy offices around here. Heck, our CEO doesn’t even have a secretary!”

Novel idea. Nashville, watch out! I’m bringing a double cooler for Costco and Trader Joe’s next time!! I can’t wait to try the green chili chicken burritos!


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