If you’ve been around me in the last week, you know that I have been preoccupied quite a bit with the political/spiritual/humanitarian/historical/Biblical situation currently unfolding in the Middle East. Let’s break that down (in no particular order of importance).

Biblical– DH and I have had a friendly banter going back and forth on the role of Israel in the end times. Both of us agree that Israel will play a significant role, but we’ve taken positions for the purpose of research as to whether Israel is literally representative of the bloodline of the Jewish people or whether it is inclusive of all who claim inheritance with Abraham (Romans 9:8). While I lean heavily toward a Christian-inclusive interpretation of Romans 9:8, it is difficult for me to leave behind my Zionistic leanings, especially when we have seen such Old Testament-like happenings in modern day events with the Jewish people.

Political– Why is this happening?? I’m so conflicted, that I can’t even formulate my various lines of thought on paper. I will echo a quote from President-Elect Obama lifted from the BBC article linked below: [Obama] has also spoken about the problem of negotiating with Hamas when it is “not representative of a nation state, does not recognise [Israel’s] right to exist, has consistently used terror as a weapon and is deeply influenced by other countries.” You would be correct if you read this and see that I am siding with the state of Israel. Yet, I see that there are a significant number of Palestinians helplessly caught in the crossfire. They are not only suffering from the recent military encounters, but also from months, and possibly years, of trade restrictions, embargos and displacement injustices at the hands of the Israelis. But that is a separate battle to fight. I’m talking right now about the extreme Hamas militants. Which leads me to…

Spiritual– Why is it that a belief system bonds people together in such a way that leads to hate, suicide, sending daughters and wives to be suicide bombers, abuse and a cry for the extermination of a people of another belief system? I am not naive. I realize that modern day Islam is not isolated in being the only belief system to drive people to this behavior. It still is astounding and horrifying to me the way the unity in this area of the world leads to destruction.

Humanitarian– I am just saddened. I don’t know what else to say. So many people in so much pain. No sides taken here.

Historical– and cheating, Biblical too. Scripture has warned us since Genesis that there will always be persecution against the followers of God. Lord, come quickly and end this historical cycle of abuses and war.

See here for more on Obama’s current state of silence over the Middle East.

See here for more on the current state on the ground via cnn.

See here for up-to-date news with some of the most interesting, least biased and least reported events on the ground.

Share your thoughts if you’d like.


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