$500 Walmart Giveaway!!!!!!

One of the blogs I follow, Cent$ible Sawyer, is giving away a $500 Walmart gift card! Before I get a lecture from my sister on the horrible business practices of Walmart, let me just say that until the day my $30 Walmart run no longer costs me $75 when buying non-Walmart (as it did this weekend at my local grocery), I am going to be chained to the Walmart line. It’s unfortunate but true. $500 goes a LONG way in purchasing groceries– about 3 months worth! If you’re in my boat, please feel free to visit the Cent$ible blog and enter yourself. I won’t tell on you.


One thought on “$500 Walmart Giveaway!!!!!!

  1. I could so use this right about now! We went to Publix the other night since it just opened and it cost us about $50 more than what we normally spend at Walmart and we didn’t get half of the stuff we usually do at Walmart. Thanks for sharing the website!


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