Picking up something new

Last Friday night I had 2 options while waiting for my poor, free pass flyin’, stuck in Florida traveling parents to finally make it in:

a. Fall asleep at 9:30
b. Start a project

With 3 hours or so of waiting to go– it was project time. The mountain gets shrouded in this INCREDIBLY thick fog in the fall. If someone’s walking just a bit too fast in front of you, you’re not going to see them. One sweet lady at church who’s probably experienced at least 60 years of this phenomenon had a wonderful thing to say about it. She said she used to be anxiuos in this “fog from hell,” but then found in comfort in knowing that the presence of God himself descends on the earth in a cloud (Ex 13:21, Ex 19:9, 1 Kings 8;10-11,Ps 18:9, Isaiah 19:1, Matt 17:5, Rev 10:1 to name a few!!). So this intense fog is like being straight in the middle of the mist (midst) of God. I hope that helps you truly enjoy that thick cloud of fog the next time it descends!

Back to Friday– I thought this would be a fun time to get my camera out and try some light shooting! (Thanks Larry for the help interpreting the manual!) Pretty crazy effect, huh?!

Larry calls this the “alien invasion”


What project would you have started with an extra 3 hours in your weekend?

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